About the Club

Welcome to the East Kick Boxing Club! We want to make your fitness journey effective, as well as enjoyable through group kickboxing classes. Each class is one (1) hour and designed to keep you moving the entire 60 minutes! In addition to participation in group kickboxing classes, members of the East Kick Boxing Club will have access to useful information on improving heath, fitness…..and access to some great music playlists to workout to!

Along with coordinated kick boxing routines, we will perform several boot camp activities and circuit training. The goal is to keep you moving through high intensity interval training. (HIIT) Now, if you are not a “gym rat” or a former athlete, don’t be alarmed! HIIT is a fancy way of saying, “we are gonna keep moving to burn calories”. It also is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness, increase brain power, and increase strength.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to working out with you!