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My name is Jason Easterly, I am the owner and founder of East Kickboxing Club. I'm a huge fan of competition, and I love to see people striving for their best. Watching others achieve their goals is inspiring, especially in sports like kickboxing. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the top and I respect those who have put in the time and effort to get there. Training for kickboxing is no easy feat, but for those who stick with it, the rewards are plentiful. Seeing others compete at a high level encourages me to stay focused on my own goals and never give up. Watch this short video to learn more! 

  • Why Cardio Kickboxing?
    To Improve your Cardio health To increase your overall strength To Improve your mobility To develop a toned physique These classes are designed to allow you to achieve your goals at YOUR pace!
  • What is Cardio Kickboxing?
    Cardio Kickboxing combines traditional martial arts techniques with high-intensity cardio exercises designed to elevate the heart rate and burn calories. The classes are created to be a fun and challenging way to increase stamina, coordination, flexibility and burn fat, all while building lean muscles. Cardio kickboxing can be an effective way to develop healthy lifestyle habits which ultimately improve your physical and mental health.
  • How? “The Process”
    Cardio Attack Running is one of the best exercises for getting to the “cardio” zone. In each 60-minute session, we will do lots of movement. Everybody isn’t a runner; but your only requirement is to show up and do your best! Running and kickboxing are great for raising your cardio level and getting those endorphins flowing. Strength building Our classes offer a unique combination of strength building and kickboxing techniques, utilizing equipment such as punching bags, kettle balls and battle ropes. Kickboxing sessions involve shadowboxing drills and rounds with the punching bag, which allow you to hone your skills. All equipment is disinfected before and after use, to ensure the health and safety of our members. Increasing your mobility Yoga is the art of integrating all facets of your “being”, with the goal of becoming better at managing your life. It is an excellent form of physical activity which helps to promote recovery, increase strength and flexibility, as well as improving your kickboxing skills. While this class does not involve physical contact, it does provide the opportunity to explore and improve your physical wellbeing through participation in balance, breathing and stillness exercises. The practice of yoga provides techniques which improve your abilities to relax and recover from daily stress. Targeted Toning In order to become the best “you” we offer classes which feature “targeted” toning. In these sessions we will concentrate on specific muscle groups/areas which are key to you developing strength, stamina and power. These are not necessarily exercises to lose fat in certain areas; they will help you to tone the underlying muscles in those trouble areas.
  • I bought a 'Punch Card' pack; is there a time limit on how long I can use it?
    Purchases of 'Punch Card' packs are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Is there a Cancellation Policy?
    Reservations/Charges/Classes In order to make a reservation, you must first buy a Drop in Class (1 Session), Punch Card (3 - 10 Sessions), or a Membership package (monthly). To purchase; visit here: Classes do have an expiration date. The expiration dates are listed on your receipt as well as in the description of the class or series of classes on the Website and the App. If you get caught up and are unable to book a class in time, please give us a call, stop by the studio, or e-mail us and we will assist you. Future class prices may change, but East Kickboxing Club will honor your class or series of classes until the expiration date, regardless of price increases in the interim. MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express are all accepted. Cash payments can only be made in person at the East Kickboxing Club studio. Classes can be reserved online up to a month in advance. When you purchase a class or series of classes, your credit/debit card will be charged. Charges made with an incorrect, expired, or over-the-limit credit card will not be processed by East Kickboxing Club. If this happens, we will make every effort to contact you. Services or privileges may be suspended or terminated if you fail to pay any fees or charges when they are due. You agree to pay any fees, including attorneys' fees and collection costs, that East Kickboxing Club may incur in order to collect any unpaid balances from you. CONSUMERS’ RIGHT TO CANCELLATION You have the option to cancel your East Kickboxing Club class purchase. In general, you have the right to cancel your purchase of a single class or a class series at any time before midnight on the fifth business day following the date of your purchase, excluding Sundays and holidays. To cancel, send a signed and dated notice stating that you are canceling your purchase to or 4351 SOUTH DREXEL BLVD CHICAGO, IL 60653 via e-mail or certified or registered mail. East Kickboxing Club will refund the purchase price of your unused classes within ten days of receiving your cancellation notice. Members of the community will have the option of receiving the refund via the original method of payment or East Kickboxing Club credit. ADDITIONAL RIGHTS TO CANCELLATION OF PURCHASE OF CLASSES OR SERIES OF CLASSES For any of the reasons listed below, you or your representative may cancel your purchase of a class or series of classes. To do so, please send us written notice to or 4351 SOUTH DREXEL BLVD CHICAGO, IL 60653 via e-mail or certified or registered mail. You may cancel your contract in any of the following circumstances. If you become disabled and are unable to physically participate in a purchased class, and your condition is verified by a doctor, East Kickboxing Club will refund the purchase price of your unused class or classes. If you die, East Kickboxing Club will refund the purchase price of your unused class or classes to your representative. If you relocate more than 50 miles from an East Kickboxing Club studio location, you may cancel your purchase and East Kickboxing Club will refund the cost of your unused class or classes. You may be charged a cancellation fee depending on where you live. You may cancel your purchase if East Kickboxing Club discontinues offering classes. Cancellation Policy for Reservations To cancel a reservation in an East Kickboxing Club class and have it returned to your account, please cancel at least 2 hours before class. We will not deduct any classes from your account. You can cancel your reservation in the following ways: Log in to your account on the Website or the App, and then click "unreserve/cancel" next to the class you want to cancel. Call the studio where you have a reservation and ask them to cancel the class for you. FOR PARTICIPANTS & MEMBERS RUNNING LATE: Please call the studio to let us know you're on your way. We will hold a reservation for up to 10 minutes after class begins if you call at least 5 minutes before class begins. Participants and members who arrive more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted to class because they are disruptive. FOR PARTICIPANTS & MEMBERS LEAVING EARLY: We kindly ask that you notify the instructor in advance if you intend to leave early. Types Class Formats Offered at East KickBoxing Club East Kickboxing Club offers the following classes at its discretion, some of which are only offered occasionally and others on a regular basis: Cardio Kickboxing 60 - A combination of high-intensity interval training and upper-body boxing and kickboxing workouts.
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